2017 Youth Awards to be presented at the April 14th ETGRA General Meeting

ETGRA Youth Division Thanks 2017 Youth Dairy Show Sponsors

Tammy Goodman, Vidor, TX

Dansha Farms, LLC, Lee, FL,

Emma Byers of Circle 4B Ranch, Fairy, TX

Short on Heaven

Rhonda Stewart, Grandview, TX

Dayle Binder of Showtime Farms, Inc, Southlake, TX

Cristi Biehle of the Purple Ladybug Farm

Cassey Ball of Ennis, TX

Chaffhaye, Inc., Dell City TX

Leslie Ode of Two Trees Dairy Goats, Weatherford, TX

Celia Bell of the Goat Shop, Danville, AR

Does Eat Oats Farm, Rayville, LA

Mt. River Ranch Stephenville, TX

East Texas Goat Raisers Association Youth

          The East Texas Goat Raisers Association Youth established in 2012, has been organized to reward and support Young Goat Exhibitors and/or Producers that are competitively involved in exhibiting, raising, or learning about goats. Junior Members will be provided opportunities to raise, show and experience the goat industry first hand while drawing from the knowledge of the ETGRA members.

ETGRAY hosts at least one youth show a year. And at least one goat clinic a year.

The youth have the opportunity to earn points for showing goats, working ETGRA functions and going to goat clinics. At the end of the year the points will be tallied, the first place youth of each age group will receive a buckle. Second and third place youth will also receive prizes.

It is also not well known that ETGRA has a scholarship for seniors in High School. The youth does not have to be a member to receive the scholarship, but a parent, grandparent or legal guardian must be a member. The parent, grandparent or legal guardian must be a member for a minimum of a year  before the youth can apply for the scholarship. But an active youth member will be given higher consideration for the scholarship than non member youth or non participating youth.

It’s only $10 for a youth to join. But in return you get the opportunity to draw knowledge from the ETGRA members.

Find info on youth events (shows, etc.) under main menu for calendar of events, shows, etc.

ETGRA Scholarship 

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Youth Show Rules

Youth Point System

Youth Point Scale

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