2018 Fall Sale – October (date TBA), Ike Carden Arena, Fairfield, TX. 

Spring 2018 Sale Highlights:

#Tagged in  54 goats                                High Selling Buck              $500.00

#Other           3 Metal Feeders                  High Selling Doe               $400.00

Total lots     57                                          High Selling Wether           $  75.00

Total goats sold               41                     Average Price per Head     $192.00

#Goats PO’ed                  13                     Total on feed troughs         $290.00

# Sellers  16;      # Registered Buyers  35;               # Actual buyers 21.

Fall Sale Highlights:  Sale held October 14th at Fairfield

# tagged in          130

# Semen Cert.         2

Total lots             132

Total sold            95 including Semen Certificates

# PO’ed                37

High Selling Buck               $700.00

High Selling Doe                $750.00

High Selling Wether           $475.00

Average Price                    $189.87 Does not include the Semen Certificates

# sellers 31;  # registered Buyers 41; # Actual buyers  30

Follow us on facebook ( Potential sellers will be posting photos of goats to be offered and potential buyers will post information on what they are hoping to find at the sale. Check sale rules (posted below) frequently. Rules may be revised at any time due to circumstance.

ETGRA Sale September 24, 2016

We had a really good sale. There were 41 buyers registered with 23 making purchases. There were 20 Sellers with 83 goats checked in. There were 24 passed over and 59 sold. There was some nice registered stock, but I don’t have a breakdown on those.

In total there were:

19        Bucks   –           High     –           $1350   Average           –            $346

49        Does    –           High     –           $  750   Average           –            $208

15        Wethers-          High     –           $  500   Average           –            $182

Overall average per head $225

The Youth Division held a raffle and took in $330. The SWB Youth Group Concession kept everyone fed & hydrated. We had a good group of volunteers helping throughout and with clean up.  Thanks for stepping up.

ETGRA Spring 2017 Sale Report

Total Sellers………………….19         High Seller Buck……………………$500

Registered Buyers………..37        High Seller Doe……………………..$400

Actual Buyers……………….19         High Seller Wether……………….$150

Total Lots……………………..85         Overall Average Price…………..$213

               P O’d…………………………….16


Animals can be checked-in Saturday from 7:30 am until noon. The animals must be in the check-in line by noon (no exceptions) on sale day to be included in the sale. Vehicles must be moved once animals are unloaded keeping traffic moving.

Animals are sifted for obvious health problems prior to sale. Knots, other than those caused by recent injections, will exclude an animal from sale.

Sellers can provide a signed breeder’s guarantee if selling goats as breeding stock. This is optional. Bucks and does can still be sold as breeding stock without a breeder’s guarantee.

In order for animal to sell as ‘registered’, the seller must present a certificate of registration listing the seller as the owner of the goat. The exception is a nursing kid, who may sell with an application signed by the seller (registered owner of the dam). Also a kid less than 6 months old may sell with an application. For kids being sold with application to register, the application must be completed, signed and accompanied by copy of any registered parents registration papers and a service memo for sire, if sire not owned by seller at the time of breeding. The dam of the kid must be registered in the seller’s name. A non-nursing kid must be tattooed.

At check-in, the tattoos and tags of registered animals are checked against the certificates of registration. Discrepancies will exclude the animal from the sale as a registered animal. Changes to certificates of registrations, or tattooing of the animal will not be done on the premise. THEREFORE, sellers are advised to check animals against the certificates of registration prior to loading animals to bring to the sale.

ALL paperwork to sell a registered animal must be completed prior to check-in. Please sign the certificates of registration, complete service memos on bred does, and complete applications for all kids.

There shall be no alleyway trading after the animal has been checked in. All Animals that have been checked in must go through the sales ring.  Animals can be viewed from outside pen area during check in and during the sale. Pen alleys must be kept clear for moving animals. After check in has ceased, pen alleys may be used for viewing before the sale starts, but must be cleared before the first lot is presented

At an open sale the commission is $7 per head for ETGRA members and $11 per head for non-ETGRA members. The PO1 Fee is $7 per head for ETGRA members and $11 per head for non-ETGRA members. Once check-in is complete, the seller will pay either $ 7 or $ 11 per lot. Sellers may join the association the day of the sale and take advantage of the $ 7 per head commission or PO fee.

Seller may elect to sell a doe and nursing kids as one lot, paying one commission/ PO fee for the family. During the auction, seller may elect to split the family and pay one commission/ PO Fee per animal. These changes will be noted on the auction ticket.

ETGRA will mail a check to the sellers within one week of the sale. Sellers will not be paid the day of the sale.

ETGRA acts as an agent only. Soundness of the animal as well as accuracy of information contained on the registration paper, an application to register and service memo are the responsibility of the seller.

Sellers will sign a copy of the sales rules at the time of check-in. Copies of the sales rules will be made available to potential buyers on the day of the sale.

Although not a requirement, buyers appreciate information about worming (when and what kind), date of last hoof trimming, type of vaccinations within the last year, and date of last kidding, if applicable.

Seller’s signature ______________________ Date _________
Revised Sept 25, 2016

1 PO Fee is the same as commission. This is to clarify for sellers new to the business that if a seller is not pleased with the top bid and chooses to pass over the selling of an animal, the commission amount is still due for the privilege of putting the goat through the sale.