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Goat Breeds

Anglo-Nubians aka Nubians


What we call a Nubian here in the United States (called Anglo-Nubian elsewhere) was developed in Great Britain by crossing native British dairy goats with dairy goats imported from both the Middle East and Northern Africa. They are considered to be a dual purpose breed and some will cross them with meat goat breeds to improve their milk production. They are recognized by their large pendulous ears and a “Roman” nose. They tend to be large with does weighing on average at least 135 pounds and bucks on average at least 175 pounds. They should be about 30 inches at the withers for does and 35 inches for bucks. Most are disbudded at two weeks old while others have the recessive polled genes. You will occasionally see one that was not disbudded or polled. Despite the high butterfat of their milk they do produce on average less milk than other dairy breeds.

Registries for Nubians are American Dairy Goat Association and American Goat Society.

Reference: Wikipedia article Anglo-Nubian Goats and Breed Standards American Dairy Goat Assocication.

Boer Goats


Boer Goats (Dutch for farmer) were first developed in South Africa in the early 1900s as a meat goat. Their origins are thought to come from goats indigenous to the area that were bred by the Namaqua Bushmen and the Fooku tribes then later crossed with bloodlines from Indian and Europe. They were selectively bred for meat production and not so much for their milk. They are a popular breed due to their fast growth and carcass qualities. They do well in hot, dry semi-desert climates like those you find in central West Texas. They were first imported to the United States by way of New Zealand and only later directly from South Africa.

The most common color pattern for Boers is the Traditional which consist of a white body with a red to reddish-brown head. Other color patterns found are Paints, Solids, and Dapples. They can also be found in many colors ranging from tan to black. Mature Boer bucks normally weigh 240-300 pounds while mature does are typically 200-220 pounds. Like the Nubian Goats, they have the ppendulum ears.

Registries for the Boer Goats are American Boer Goat Association, and United States Boer Goat Association

Reference: Wikipedia article Boer Goats

updated 3/10/2013