Welcome to East Texas Goat Raisers Association’s (ETGRA) web page. ETGRA was formed in 1996 by a dedicated group of Goat Ranchers and Farmers to promote the goat industry in East Texas. This dedication remains the priority of ETGRA’s Board and general membership. The association sponsors sales, shows, and workshops on a regular basis. Workshops cover all facets of raising goats such as marketing, feeding, medications, worming, genetics, preventative care, and general husbandry of goats. We invite all people in the goat industry to attend these events and hopefully join ETGRA. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or new to the practice of raising goats, ETGRA has a spot for you. There is a monthly meeting the first Tuesday of every month. Contact ETGRA or look under Events for meeting times, location, and method (most meetings are held via teleconference).

NEXT IMPORTANT EVENTETGRA General Meeting and Round Robin Program January 14, 2017 – Election Nominations

All current members are encouraged to submit their nominations for officers and directors. Please open, copy & print the nomination form here and mail it in or bring it with you to the January meeting.

2017 Election Nomination Form

Many thanks to the following folks that are supporting and sponsoring the October ABGA Show.

Valley Vet: donated stuff to raffle;  HealthyCoat: sponsor $100 General sponsor and donated samples for the Division Reserve awards;  Dawn Steward: sponsor our Division Grand awards;  Gunn Farm: donated a $250.00 certificate to go towards a purchase of animal (Doe, Buck, Wether) or breeding;  Circle R Farm: donated a certificate for a one-time breeding;  All4LittleRed: donated a tote bag and a T-shirt to raffle;  Snow Flake Ranch: donated the backdrop decorations and some of the things that went into the Division Reserve awards;  Mardi Klement: donated awards for the Junior Classes Grand Winners.

other areas:

Mike Hopkins will be our announcer for the ABGA shows;  Rochelle Gates will be our Staging classes;  Scott Fitzwater will be our Ring Steward;  Wanda Roberts will help check in animals, help set up banners and other stuff;  Gwen Vandermartin will bring the PA system and run the raffles and door prizes;  Valre Leger will help Scott in the ring;  Timmy Pryor will be helping set up and clean up.

For the JABGA shows, Valre Leger thanks Class sponsors: Clark Farms Boer Goats, Owens Boer Goats, Flat Bank Creek, RAD Show goats, Daigle Boer Goats, Epiphany Caprines, Flyn N Ranch, RMS Goats Aprina Acres Boer Goats, Perrin Goat Mafia, Tartaglia Boer Goats, Masquerade Farms, Ish’ About Cabin Boer Goats, Kicking H Boer Goats, C & G Boer Goats, Lucky Star Farm, R Mock Boer Goats, GS Boers, Funny Farm, Mirror Image Boer Goats, Flat Creek Ranch, City Limit BoerGoats, Love’ M Boers, Horned Toad Ranch, Two Oaks Farm, Circle R, Barebak Ranch Boers, Arrowhead Hills Farms, Diamond B Boers, B&D Genetics, Hillside Stock Farm, Rhino Boer Goats, Heads A Buttin’ Farm, Dugat Livestock, Wilton Boer Goat Ranch, Cool Breeze Farm Boer Goat, Diamond T Farm, TLC Farms, Hasta Farms, Goat Express, Jeff & Andrea Thompson, Lone Star Show Goats, PCG Boer Goats, Moon Stone Show Goats, Carlton Ranch Boers; Grand Sponsors: Flyn S Boers, Red River Boers, Gates Graphics, Platinum Boers, Red River Boers, H 4 Boer, Mirror Image Boer, RCA Boer Goats, Bayou Country Boer Goats, Wright Boer Goats, Three Point One Four; Reserve Sponsors: Snowflake Ranch, Blue Top Farms, Palmetto Moon Boer, Okie Dokie Farms, 5 E Livestock, Owens Boer Goats, Rancho Volsa Basias, Chubby Dog Farm, CBA Boer Goats, & Gunn Farms. Thanks also to Rochelle Gates who will announce the JABGA show and Evie Gates who will be the Ring Steward and judge the costume contest.

To see a brief documentation of  ETGRA in Action Click Here.